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Protection from Abuse Orders: Help and Information

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• SafeNet Hotline: (814) 454-8161

• Erie Area Emergency Response: 911

• Plan your escape.

• Keep spare keys, prescriptions, important papers and money with someone you trust.

• Plan the safest time to get away. Rehearse your escape plan.

• Call the police (911) if you're in danger.

• Call SafeNet for emergency shelter, legal help and counseling, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (814) 454-8161.

• If you're injured. seek medical treatment.

• Report what happened, and have your injuries documented.

• Arrange a signal or code word with a neighbor. (Example: If the porch light is on, call the police.)

• Plan a safe place for your children to go - a room with a lock or a neighbor's house.  Reassure them their job is to stay safe, not to protect you.

• Avoid arguments in high risk areas - bathroom, kitchen, garage - where weapons are.

All materials provided by SafeNet's web site is for educational purposes only. We are not providing legal, medical or psychological advice. If you wish to seek services, please come to our agency or call us at (814) 455-1774.

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